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Lesson time


A variety of super fun, theme-related activities are planned each week to reach different kinds of kids (active, creative, competitive, quiet, dramatic, crafty, etc.). During this time, we focus on kids creating lasting connections with other children and with our awesome adults.

10:30  WORSHIP


Bible story, with a skit, game, and small group time to reinforce the teaching.

We want our parents to know what their children are learning on Sunday mornings, so they have the resources to interact with the kids throughout the week and reinforce what they’ve been taught on Sundays. Please see the elementary overview below for a complete list of all our lessons, Need to Knows, and Bible verses for our current theme.


Preschool children participate in worship, then dismiss to their classroom for an age appropriate lesson using the same series as the big kids during each service. Please see the preschool overview below to see what your child is learning, the Bible verses for their lessons, and their memory verse for the current series.


We offer a toddler class for sturdy walkers that are ready for more structure than just play time in the nursery. They use the same series material as the big kids in toddler appropriate form. They will spend their time singing songs, eating snacks, coloring or stickering a picture, listening to a short Bible story, and having play time.

Be sure to pick up a placemat each series for each of your elementary students, preschoolers, or toddlers! They have the series memory verse, Bible stories, and Need To Know. Meal times are a great time to talk about what they're learning!

Out in the wild    African safari

Starts June 9!


We're answering some questions about the Bible while going on a journey out in the wild on an African Safari!

        Date                 Question                        Need to Know                        Bible Story                                 Scripture


1     June 9               What is                         The Bible is the                                 Various Bible Stories

                                the Bible?                   most amazing Book!                    

2     June 16           Who wrote                       The Bible is                           Jeremiah                              Jeremiah 30:2, 31:31-33

                                 the Bible?                       God's Word!                                                                       Jeremiah 32, 36:4-18            


3     June 23            What is the                   The whole Bible               The first 7 days, Food in the desert            Gen. 1-2,  Ex.16-17

                                Bible about?                   is about God's                 A dark Friday & A Joyful Sunday,                  Luke 23:26-24:9

                                                                         love for me!                     A miracle at the Beautiful Gate                            Acts 3

       June 30       FAMILY SUNDAY!                          FAMILIES WORSHIP TOGETHER


4     July 7            How can I study                 I can read                             A lost book                            2 Kings 22-23

                                the Bible?                          the Bible!                               is found

5     July 14         How can I study               I can remember                     Jesus faces                            Matthew 4:1-11

                                the Bible?                  what the Bible says!                   temptation

6    July 21            Why was the                  The Bible tells me                 God gives His Laws                 Exodus 19:1-20:21

                               Bible written?                    how to live! 

7    July 28           Why should I                  The Bible helps me                 Proverbs: Ants,              Prov. 6:6-8, 25:16, 28:1b                                                   read the Bible?              in every situation                      Honey & Lion


8     August  4       Who is the                 I should share what I                   Philip and                               Acts 8:26-40

                                Bible for?                   know with everyone!                the Ethiopian


"Be good to me,  your servant so that I may live to obey your word. Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings."

Psalm 119:17-18

Preschool and Toddler Overview

We are going on a safari out in the wild to see all the wonderful things God wants us to see in His Word. Every week we will meet different animals and explore the very BEST BOOK ever written - the Bible!

         Date               Need to Know                                       Bible Story                                            Scripture

1.   June 9              The Bible is the                                John the Baptist                         Matthew 3:1-17;  Mark 1:1-11; 

                                very best book!                                                                                                 Luke 3:1-22

2    June 16       The Bible is God's Word!             Jeremiah tells God's Words                            Jeremiah 36

3    June 23          The Bible tells Me                            God loves Adam & Eve,                  Genesis 2:16-17:3, Matthew 26:53

                                God loves Me!                          Jesus dies to take away sins         John 15:13, 17:24; Heb. 9:22; 1 Peter 3:18

      June 30         FAMILY   SUNDAY!                            FAMILIES WORSHIP TOGETHER

4    July 7            I can read the Bible!                        God's family grows                                Acts 28 - Jude 25                           

                                                                                    (Letters to Churches)

5    July 14        The Bible is true forever!                    Josiah obeys God                            2 Chronicles 34:1-35:19



6    July 21          The Bible tells me                             God Gives His Law                               Exodus 19:1-20:17      

                                   what to do!

7    July 28         The Bible helps me!                    Proverbs: Ants, Lion & Honey             Proverbs 6:6-8, 26:17, 28:1

8    August 4    The Bible is for Everyone!                Philip and the Leader                                 Acts 8:26-40                       


"Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings."

Psalm 119:18